Ultimate programs

On the way of your self-healing…
21 days/ 3 months

More than a coaching, this integrated program is a real therapy. This complete program will work on what I define as its own trinity “body, mind, emotion” and thus sublimate your being.

It comes in either 3 sessions or 5 sessions for those who wish to go deeper.

Each session lasts about 2 hours and there is 21 days gap between each session “the time needed for your brain and cells to integrate, assimilate their new mode of operation”. After your 3 months of self-healing, your will live a new version of yourself , an awakening.

Each session will give you:

  • An awareness through the living of your own experience and understanding your needs
  • Deep and educational knowledge to the physical, mental, and emotional health
  • A therapeutic treatment of well-being (meditation, breathing …)
  • Tools that will help you in your transformation

So, once the program is finished:

  • You will be able to take responsibility and care of yourself
  • You will understand all the needs of your different body parts “mental, physical, emotional” “by an awareness of their individual and collective intelligence.
  • You will free the layers of insecurity, doubts and fears
  • You will gain self-esteem and confidence

The first session more than anything else, is an opportunity to contact you, define your needs and your goals for the transformation you need. You will receive a health prognosis/checklist to complete and return to me before starting.

This first session will be an opportunity to:

  • Understand the influence of genetics and the environment on your daily habits
  • Identify what is preventing/blocking you from being yourself
  • Work together on the power of breathing
  • Learn to be connected with your being/yourself through a small meditation exercises
  • Learn how to manage your “ego” needs

You will receive your first healing tools to work during your first 21 days

We will begin by taking stock of the past 21 days and the awareness you have observed on yourself

This session will be an opportunity to:

  • Understand the dietary needs of the body
  • Understand your emotional status and some of your bad eating habits (if any)
  • Benefit from a detox program or weight loss (if needed(
  • Work on the emotional body by connecting to your breath
  • Release the emotions lodged in your body by learning how to let go

You will receive your new healing tools to work during your next 21 days

We will begin by taking stock of the past 21 days and the awareness you have observed on yourself

This session will be an opportunity to:

Become aware of the link between your eating habits and your emotions

Bring more space into your body

Understand how emotions can block your energy fields

Receive intense and meditative respiratory treatment.

Release the heart area by creating the heart card and letting go of mental toxins

You will receive your new healing tools to work during your next 21 days.

We will begin by taking stock of the past 21 days and the awareness you have observed on yourself

This session will be the opportunity

To become conscious of the connection between mind, body, and emotions

Being the observer and take action of your emotional being and no longer be reactive to what life throws on you

Reconnect with the mission of your soul and your inner child

Prepare your new version of yourself

Receive healing treatment through movement and dance games

You will receive your new healing tools to work during your next 21 days

We will begin by taking stock of the past 21 days and the awareness you have observed on yourself

This session will be the opportunity:

Identify your old emotional patterns inherited since childhood and imprinted in your cells

Understand how these patterns affect your relationships with your partners, parents, friends, colleagues …

Receive methods to break these old patterns and start a new version of your life

Work on the emotional and memorial footprint in your cells by connecting to the breath

Release the emotions lodged in your body of suffering and guilt and learn to embrace and accept to move forward with your new life

This last session will take stock of all the healing tools you have in hand and review your transformational journey

Hand in Hand Program


Do you have a deep desire to reach new life goals? To live quickly and sustainably your transformation? 

However, you do not know where to start? And you feel discouraged very quickly? 

So would you like to have a daily boost to achieve your goals?

Often we are very ambitious about the person we want to become. However, we have no idea how to achieve that. Doubts, fears and lack of self-confidence get into us and we remain inactive when we it comes to taking responsibilities about life choices that may help uplifting us on every level.

This program is tailor-made for you to fully live your goals and your transformation in 28 days. It will bring you turnkey tools-solutions and clarity on how to achieve your ideal life. As a first step, you will benefit from a 15- minute daily telephone follow-up to motivate you, listen to you and help you remove your doubts / fears and reinforce your goals. Then after two weeks, the calls will be sparse because you will become autonomous and will be an actor of your own movie

At the end of these 28 days you will be able to:

Take care of yourself

Achieve your goals

Regain confidence

Be responsible for the being you want to become

Develop short, medium and long term objectives

Write a vision board of your daily objectives

Do breath-work exercice to get clarity and and relax your body & mind

Week 1 and 2

You will benefit from a first 2-hour coaching session which will be an opportunity for us to meet and discuss your needs and what your goals are before starting your transformational journey.

You will leave this session with your first toolbox to begin your program

Then, for the next two weeks we will be following the below program:

You will receive a telephone follow-up of 15 min / 5 days a week to:

  • Motivate and reaffirm your goals
  • Work on your fears and doubts
  • Reassure that you spare time for yourself (breathing exercises, self-affirmation, meditation …)

Then on the 6th and 13th days of the program, we will meet for a 60 min session to:

Take stock of the week lived, your achievements or your resistance and also on the awareness of your inner capacities and capabilities to undertake the responsibility of your daily life.

  • Reaffirm or redefine the goals of the coming weeks
  • Start using new tools

10 hours of coaching / 28 days:

Introductory session = 2h
Week 1 and 2: 135 min X 2 = 4h30
Week 3 and 4 = 105 min X 2 = 3h30 min

Week 3 and 4

After setting the goals on the 13th day, the follow-up phone calls of the 3rd and 4th weeks will be reduced to a call every two days in order to allow you to become autonomous.

You will thus learn to:

  • Take care of yourself
  • Understand how to motivate yourself and receive the techniques on how to handle blockages and resistance
  • Be independent, responsible, autonomous and confident about the decisions you make on your daily life

Each 15-minute telephone call will be an opportunity to share your discoveries, measure your motivation level, reaffirm your objectives and clarify your doubts and fears

At day 21 of the program, we will have a 60-minute coaching session to take stock of the week and define the objectives of the last week to come.

On the 28th day, we will end the program with a 60-minute coaching session to check the result of your transformational journey and set new short / medium and long term goals that you will work on by yourself.


Starting from AED 3,000. For more information please get in touch