Corporate Program

Team building

Are you an entrepreneur, a private or public organizations?

Do you want to bring a healthy and caring environment to your team? Do you want to increase your team productivity?

For a while, have you felt there is a lack of motivation and interest in your employees?

Do you want to bring more harmony and increase performance of your team?

People spend the majority of their time at work and very often we see enthusiasm in the work environment. Due to the daily routine and work pressure people gradually loose interest and some even loose their self-esteem and the meaning of their engagement at work and therefore indirectly affect the company performance.

Studies have shown that the workplace can cause anxiety and that employees very often leave work due to anxiety, stress, and being burnt out and in some cases due a chronic illness they develop from the work stress and pressure. An exhausting day at work and with family leaves little time to people to relax, exercise and recharge their batteries. These status of stress and work pressure indirectly correlate to the lack of performance and productivity of your team. You can start making a difference by granting and dedicating time for your team’s well being.

I tailor make corporate programs that help bringing harmony and joy in the working environment. I offer sessions on relaxation, sophrology, body expression , balanced nutrition as well as emotional therapies and over all personal development.

Through my group coaching programs, you will help achieving a better efficiency and increased performance and create great enthusiasm among your fellow employees.

Your company will achieve the following:

  • Create a positive climate that will drive efficiency and performance
  • Provide space for creativity and innovation
  • Establish an authentic family relationship amongst employees
  • Create a respectful environment
  • Knowledge on how to release stress and work pressure
  • Spread an awareness on dietary plans and eating habits that contribute to chronic diseases
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle and providing tools on how to improve overall well being