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Are you in need of physical change? Finding it hard to lose your extra pounds? Do you suffer from so-called “chronic” diseases and do you want to understand their origin and restore your vitality? Do you want to nourish your body healthily and understand your addictions to certain foods?


This program is an opportunity for you to learn how to feed and nourish yourself in a healthy and safe ways which will enable you to achieve a sustainable result.

It will also allow you to become aware of the link between your diet and the “body reactions” we call “addiction” or the physiological diseases.

You will understand the origin of diseases and help your body free itself from toxins that create chronic and life diseases like asthma, digestion problem, migraine, skin irritation, hormonal imbalance, and food allergy…


Through my expertise in physical health coaching, you will get support not only to achieve your physical shape goals but also gain full understanding and awareness of your  nutrition needs

Two formulas are proposed

Nutrition Awareness Workshop; where you can benefit from:

  • Awareness of the metabolic needs of the body
  • Health and body care tips
  • Food rehabilitation

28 days Detox Formula 2

  •   Prognosis of vitality
  •   Metabolic needs of the body
  •   Health and body care tips
  •   Food rehabilitation
  •   Guided shopping “food selection“
  •   Customized nutritional manual 
  •   Weekly follow-up

Do you have breathing problems? Are you in a mental overload or permanent stress? Do you have trouble letting go? Do you have 5 minutes a day for yourself?


Did you know that a tight breathing condition and the lack of clarity and discernment in certain situations is the result of respiratory quality? Studies have shown that over 90% of people do not take the time to breathe fully and that our respiratory organs are diminished and atrophied.

By following daily conscious breathing for a few minutes, you will be able to change your whole life. You will move from a state of stress and physical and mental exhaustion to a state of full vitality and clarity, letting go and acceptance.

You will also gain through mediation a moment of interiorization, introspection, self-realization to lead you to a path of your inner tranquility.


My workshops combine guided meditations and breathing exercises to free you from all the tension and stress accumulated on your daily routine.

Connected breath

  • Awareness of the power of conscious breathing
  • Learn the correct way of breathing
  • Widen the diaphragm, relax the nervous system and rebalance the hormones.
  • Clean up cellular toxins
  • Release tensions, fear, suffering and insecurities
  • Express your emotions and work the heart zone

Inner peace

  • Practice conscious breathing
  • Extend the diaphragm, relax the nervous system and rebalance the hormones
  • Clean up cellular toxins
  • Release tensions, fear, suffering and insecurities.
  • Meditate through the 5 senses

Do you find that you are too emotional or hypersensitive? Do you want to understand the interaction between your thoughts and emotions? Would you like to free yourself by cleaning your mental conditions?


This coaching program will allow you to understand the impact of repetitions of negative thoughts or old mental patterns on your physical body by what is called the cellular emotional footprint.

You will learn through breath-work and acupressure massage how to free yourself from your old mental schemas / emotional print, shackles of the past.

Then get the opportunity to integrate a new version of yourself.


My emotional therapy is designed to bring you an awareness of the functionality of your mind and the understanding of your emotions.

Emotional therapy where you will :

  • Identify negative thoughts and get rid of old patterns
  • Work on emotional footprints and memories in your cells by connecting to your breath
  • Release the emotions lodged in your body by acupressure massage

Do you have chronic back problems? Do you experience stiffness and body tension? Do you want to tone your body safely and flexibly?


The workshop “Flow your life! “Is the answer for you… It allows the child / teenager as well as the adult in you to tone the body while releasing in a playful way the tensions and stress caused by daily habits

This practice inspired by Nia Dance combines several techniques to re-connect with your true Being. You will be able to move and freely express and adapt your movements according to how you feel.

Through my workshops, you will momentarily and permanently release bad thoughts and emotions but also tone your body in a fun way and at your own pace.

“Flow your life”

  • Tonify your body
  • Play a physical activity in a fun way
  • Release from physical and mental tension
  • Re-energize your body.
  • Live a pleasant and joyful moment

“Flow your life”  + meditation

  • Tonify your body.
  • Play a physical activity in a fun way.
  • Free yourself from physical and mental tension
  • Re-energize your body.
  • Share a pleasant moment and be in full joy.
  • Relax intensely through a meditation.

Do you come to live a marriage/separation, divorce, a birth or a mourning that has turned you upside down and makes you lose your footing?

Do you feel it’s time to make a change but you do not know where to start? You have projects in mind but you lack initiation and momentum?

Need to set your clear goals? And are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and accept guidance from others?


When we do not know what is blocking us, it is not obvious to concretize what we want to be.

I help by offering you clarity on what creates resistance in your life and which impede the development of your projects and your personal development.


My coaching will bring you an awareness of everything that interacts with you, unlock your resistance through exercises and allow you to fully live the life you create for yourself.

Each coaching of 90 min will allow : 

  • Objectively establish your goals and your action plan
  • Gain self-confidence and understand yourself at a deeper level
  • Learn to make yourself fully responsible for your choices and live them fully
  • Become aware of some of your behaviors, habits and relationships that are harming you
  • Learn how to manage your survival needs “ego”


Starting from AED 100.  For more information please get in touch